Monday, May 9, 2011

Resolution Report - March AND April

Complete one anti-Hoarding project per month until December.
Did an awesome job of the garage although that always feels a little futile. Every time I clean it up, it only takes a couple of weeks before it's out of control again. May is going to be a filing month for sure, though! I've got everything in piles in the office and will be getting it all away as soon as we've finished this year's taxes. I'd also really like to get the kitchen and bathroom cupboards tidied this month. Just need to find the time somehow! Still, I WILL get 12 areas tidied by year-end!

Finish all 3 runs in the Diva series.
The first Diva run happened only hours before we left for Maui, so I registered for the Earth run instead. It was held on the same course as the Diva, but almost a month later on Easter Sunday. I had a good run - it was only 5k, but it was pretty chilly so I ran fast because I wanted to get to brunch and a large steaming mug of tea at my parents' place. One Diva down, two to go! (summer and fall)

Make 5 Green switches this year.
Sorry, nothing new to report except that I found a couple of blogs that have suggestions for how to make small but significant changes for your family.

Get 5 items done off 40 before 40 list.
2 more done in March and April!
Learn to Play Poker - Learned how to play Texas Hold'Em from Tracy and Shannon while in San Diego. Took copious notes. Lost ALL my pennies. Resolved not to play with those two sharks again. Shower under a Waterfall in an amazing tropical setting - Did this in Maui! Swam in a shady pool under the cool water cascading off tropical vines from the rocks above. Was caught slightly off-guard by the fact that water CASCADING off ROCKS quite a way above was actually quite forceful! And noted that swimming can be a little scary in a murky pool where CERTAINLY there were many miscellaneous pool-creature monsters lurking. So far this year I've done 4 items off my list and I'm now at 25 done out of 40. I should actually get at least 6 more done this year, since they are partially done already.

Celebrate Fridays.
March Week one = Cup of tea and a magazine.
March Week two = Hemlock for Megan's stag!!!
March Week three = Library. All alone!
March Week four = Pedicure. Lovely.
April Week one = Maui, baby!
April Week two = Crawled back into bed for two hours after dropping the kids at school
April Week three = Dress shopping with Kim for spring/summer weddings
April Week four = Motorcycle lesson
April Week five = in San Diego for Jen's 40th birthday!

Now to plan for May, and into the summer... :)

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Cathy said...

How lovely, that shower in Maui, oh man I want to do that. In fact, I'd be happy if you posted more pictures from that trip or from San Diego..hint hint subtle subtle. Since we're having a moving/surgical summer, there won't be any awesome vacation, so I'm living vicariously through you. ;)