Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Days - 12

Today was also a bit of a fail. The Advent Calendar was to "Get a Christmas tree". Although we've had our two fake ones up for a while (correct that, we have three fake ones up including the one on my nightstand), we have an annual tradition of going to our friend Shannon's parents' place for a Christmas tree. I would LOVE to have a real tree every year, but Mike and Ethan would suffer dramatically and allergically if we did. But we often get a small one at Shannon's and stash it somewhere unobtrusive (like outside).

Well, sigh, I didn't get home from Seattle in time to go to her tree farm. So the kids made Christmas tree pictures instead. And Jack was so proud of his that he cut it out carefully and made it into an ornament to stick onto Madame's card. Ethan was way more careful about the shape of his, but less interested in colours or making anything out of it afterwards.

Either way, I guess we got a Christmas tree of some sort accomplished!

And I did get back in time for Ethan's hockey game, which was awesomely exciting! It was a fantastic game and Ethan did great. They were playing an undefeated team, and although our team controlled a lot of the play they were unlucky with their shots. It ended 3-2 for the other guys, but was a highly entertaining game nonetheless. And the heaters were on in the stands (which is always a huge bonus!)

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