Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Days - 18

Today's advent activity was "Christmas Train" but I'm afraid we didn't get to the train today. Mike and Ethan went out for some Christmas shopping while Jack and I wrapped some things and did some crafts. Jack painted my face with a candy cane on one cheek and a snowflake on the other, and I did the same for him. I so wish I had taken photos!

Later, Susanna, Jim and Victor came over so they and Mike could catch a repeat performance of Jack's recital. Jack had decorated brown bags and I'd popped popcorn for the kids' bags. We'd got out hot chocolate and marshmallows and Mike made coffees for the grown-ups. Susanna was a good sport and also got a Jack-designed candy cane on her cheek. I was waiting to see which cheek Jim would offer up for painting, but luckily it was time for Jack's performance. He did well, and then Ethan got in there and hammered on the keys a little as well.

Mike and I went to out annual Christmas party afterwards - our fantastic Secret Santa exchange with all of our good friends. We've known most of these friends since the early 1980's, so when we buy for each other it's usually pretty special. This year was no different - it's awesome to see how much thought goes into each gift as we buy for a specific person in our group.

We may get to the Christmas train on Sunday, but I haven't told the boys just in case we don't manage to fit it in. If so, I will post pictures!

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