Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Days - 14

Given the fact that the storm we'd had the night before meant a leaky skylight and a grand total of 2 hours of sleep for me as I laid out buckets, moved the piano, got out the ladder, toweled puddles up, tarped the TV etc. I didn't much care what the Advent Calendar for the 14th said.

"Christmas Concert". Oh, phew - an easy one. Today was one of the afternoon concerts and since I was at work, my parents came to watch the boys perform and then took them home to play until dinnertime. I will have photos tomorrow as I went to the concerts on the 15th. My parents loved it and said they performed beautifully.

My little angels!


Cathy said...

Hey girl, where are my Christmas program photos?

Tamsin said...

Too bad - all my photos have other kids in there... and I can't ask all the parents for permission to post. I'll email you!