Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Days - 13

"Make Christmas Crafts".

This advent was disappointing to the kids. They pointed out that they had done the snowmen as a craft (since we had no snow) and done the tree as a craft (since I got back too late to get a real tree), and did we really have to think of another craft???

My kids are not that into crafts, clearly. So when they suggested that the crafts they did in school that day should count, I was in full agreement. Here's Ethan's gingerbread house. Keep in mind that he is in Grade 3, not Kindergarten... remember I said they're not exactly crafty? He had been picking at it already, though.

Jack did something at school for his big buddy. He was pretty vague about it, but given his skill level I would say it's something like a marshmallow on a stick, called a snowman.

And anyway, my kitchen looked like this still after the shortbread-baking mince pie-making royal icing-mixing kafuffle from earlier. So I was happy their crafts had already been done.

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