Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Days - 2

The beauty of creating your own Advent Calendar is that you can stack the deck - I know what days I'm going to be working, so I stuff the easy activities into those days, when I know I'll have only about 30 minutes with the boys before bed.

Today was "Letters to Santa":

For Jack! Everything has an exclamation point!
Dear Santa Please! 2 Jango Fett Lego! Jack Lego (not sure; does this exist?) 3 Beyblades. Blue! 2 Walkietalkies! 23 Bakugan!
Love! Jack!

Ethan's a little calmer, but there are some unexplained arrows and very unnecessary apostrophes.
Christmas Wish List: Camera, Basketball, Beyblade's and Battleset, Bakugan, (DS) Video game's and Kinect, Laptop, Sudoku (Travel)

Love these boys! Now if only they can behave long enough to actually receive presents this year...

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Cathy said...

Oh my, I had to look up what beyblades were. I'm a little scared I have this to look forward; on the other hand, I have to just smile. Those boys are so Cute.