Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Days - 16

I'm behind again - what a crazy, busy week! Ethan said to me at the end of school on Friday, "Isn't it great? Now we can do NOTHING for the whole of holidays!" And I was still in full panic mode. So I looked at him wild-eyed and barked: "Not. Yet."

This time of year is definitely chaotic. I absolutely LOVE seeing everyone, whether it's catching up for coffee, going out for our Christmas lunch at work, or seeing all our friends in the evening. But there is always so much preparation that goes into each event that I don't end up sleeping more than 5 hours a night. You know it's stupid crazy when you find yourself cutting evergreen boughs in your yard at midnight, by the light of a headlamp, so your boy can make his Christmas centrepiece at school.

However, the good memories are invaluable, so I do cherish this time of year. Which brings me back to the advent calendar: Day 16 was "Sing Christmas carols".

This was not a throwaway instruction - I do love the Christmas carols, and the fact that 103.5 plays nothing but Christmas music from mid-November through the holidays is very exciting for me. Almost as exciting as falling asleep to the fireplace channel (which I will have to remember to PVR so I can fall asleep to it year-round)...

The kids and I had a good time carolling here and there today. I would not have chosen "Gloria" as sung top volume by Ethan at 7 am, but who am I to judge? I hope he didn't notice me trying to snort my tea so I could get the caffeine faster.

The day was capped off by Jack's first ever piano recital. He's only been playing for 7 weeks, but he really enjoys it and he's doing great. The recital featured 16 or 17 of his teacher's students, from Jack (age 6) to a few teenagers. He introduced himself properly:
and stepped up to the piano. He carefully arranged his music sheets, and did a great job of Jingle Bells. Deck the Halls was a little rockier, as he got all the notes right (except for one at the end) but was a little off on the timing. He slid off the bench and gave a deep bow, muttering "hippopotamus" so he would remember to bow long enough. It was precious! I was videotaping for Mike as he was in NY all week, so Ethan was in charge of the still shots:

Then they both behaved like 2-yr-olds while the others were performing, and the precious illusion was shattered. Ho-ho-home to bed for naughty boys.

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