Friday, December 24, 2010

December Days - 24

I have been anticipating today's advent activity for a while now: "Go snowshoeing".

Since we have no snow, we drove up to Cypress Mountain this morning (home to all Olympic snowboard and freestyle skiing events) and although it was pouring rain, it was great! I got my Christmas present from Mike a day early - snowshoes of my own! The boys all rented, and off we went!

Here are Mike and Ethan on the trail:

And Jack was mostly in this position:

We never made it to the cabin that was only 1 km from the start of the trail, due to a 6-yr-old whose nickname is Molasses, but even in the downpour it was fun.

We were soaked, but stopped for a quick burger (eaten in the car because we can't take boys into restaurants dressed only in underwear) before going to my parents to see them, my brother, my cousin, her dad, her husband and her beautiful baby daughter. We had brought clothes to change into and enjoyed an afternoon of visiting, gifts, treats, and drinks.

Now it's just about time for nestling them snug in their beds, so I wish you all visions of sugarplums and a very Merry Christmas! xoxoxoHOHOHOxoxoxo

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