Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Days - 17

"Take a Jingle Bell Walk".

We do this every year: grab our jingle bells and our Santa hats and take a walk around the neighbourhood. There may be some singing involved also, but usually we just walk and jingle. It brings smiles to people's faces and it's a bit of peace amidst the hectic.

Mike got back from New York today and it was the last day of school so there were a lot of activities to squeeze in. But it was a good day, capped off with a really great get-together with the girls in Experience Club. We try to experience new fun things together, and for the past couple of years instead of exchanging gifts we sponsor a family for Christmas. So Friday night we got together, made pizzas, wrapped the gifts we'd bought, packaged the food and boxed up all the clothes. After everything was assembled, we dressed a couple of the husbands up as Santa and an elf (not Mike; he would have died) and they drove us around to see Christmas lights. We saw some amazing displays! We got out at a few of them to walk through the light displays, and "Santa" was a big hit with the kiddies. We were laughing as he posed for photos and handed out candy canes - it was awesome and both he and the elf were great sports. This definitely needs to be a tradition, and I'd like to involve the kids a little more next year. They gathered the food items with me, and knew we were giving our old car seat to the family, but I'd love for them to be involved in the wrapping and assembling. Without spoiling the whole Santa thing, though.

Anyway, thanks to Shannon, Jenny on the north side, Breanne, Jenny on the south side, Sonia, Jas, Tracy, Santa Kris, Elf James, and everyone who donated to the family. Awesome!

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