Monday, December 20, 2010

December Days - 20

Today our advent activity was to "Wrap Presents". I've already done a bunch, but it was time for the boys to wrap each other's, and one to Mike. They also needed to wrap a friend's birthday gift (more on that later). While Mike was in NY last week, I hauled the folding table up into our bedroom and made Wrap Central in there. It's the only room with a door, and I needed secrecy (obviously). I almost got caught with secret gifts last year, and I wasn't about to have a repeat.

Back to Wrap Central - it's awesome to have it set up and ready all the time! It has been SO convenient! Mike was a little "surprised" to find the setup, but it is working well for me!

The boys went to Victor's party today, and both of them wanted to look handsome for the occasion. I had to capture the cuteness on camera! The photo shoot started out well...

but it quickly degenerated into general horsing around (as usual!)

Ah, these animals!

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Cathy said...

Sometimes Ethan gets a minxy look on his face, like in that last picture, that's the spitting image of you. I'm sure you hear that alot. It's the schemy smiley look that I remember.