Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 10 (Sunday Feb 21)

Mike and I slept in this morning! This is news-worthy, for sure. We both feel like we never get to sleep late. So this morning = 8 frigging 30. Yee haw!

We got to our event (Men's Super Combined Alpine Skiing) a little late, but we were happy as we avoided most of the lineups to get in, and we got to see the Andorrans' and the Canadians' runs in the downhill.

Then, as everyone went to find food and go pee between the downhill and the slalom, Mike and I eased our way up to the front fence. Although we were in the shade and so it got cold by the end, I was very happy to be up front so we had a great view of the course, clear view of the Jumbotron, and as an added bonus we were right at the skier's exit so we saw all the racers come by after they finished.

We got some great photos that I am not allowed to post here, including one of me and Roger after he raced as he stopped to chat with me. It was another fun day!

Now we are watching the men's hockey game: Canada vs. USA. I'll let you know in about 2 hours if it's going to be a good evening or a bad evening... :-)


Cathy said...

Why are you not allowed to post your pictures?

Tamsin said...

VANOC rules - only personal photos and experiences. No competition shots. I haven't checked with Roger if ok to post the picture of the two of us, but if he says ok, I'll put it up!