Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 14 (Thursday Feb 25)

I started off today with a nice gentle run on the Valley Trail. My original destination was Meadow Park, but then this happened to the trail: Which wasn't such a happy thing for my knees as every step in the ice and snow seemed to wrench. So I returned back over the River of Golden Dreams and headed for home. Although I got tired while running, I get too bored of walking, so I ended up running most of the way home too. It felt good to get some exercise after all the free meals at the athlete's village. Seriously, when you can have McDonald's Cinnamon Melts every day for free, you really do need to be an elite athlete to work it all off. March = Salad month for me.

When I got back to the house, the plan was to watch Mimi's race, then shop for a goodbye gift for our chef de mission (leader of the Andorran delegation) before heading to WVL for my afternoon shift. Poor Mimi DNF. But then I found a very pretty BC jade pendant and necklace for Vicky (chef de mission) from us assistants. As for the rest of the day - Of course, as always, plans change by the minute. Instead of sitting in the break room at WVL for 8 hours, waiting for something to do, would I like to go to the Ladies' Figure Skating final program tonight?

Why yes I would. Thankyouverymuch.

So I drove our chef de mission to Pacific Coliseum. Although our seats were quite high up, we were in athlete seating. So we were quite literally surrounded by athletes. I am in a million pictures tonight! People were snapping away at the USA team behind us (one alpine skier Kaylin, one ice dance figure skater Emily, etc.), the Japanese speed skaters, the Georgian and US ice dance teams, and on and on and on. I was a little star-struck, to be honest. So many faces I recognize from TV, and I'm sitting among them!

And then our girl Joannie skated to bronze. Sigh. This is her at the kiss and cry. Can you see her? Squint into the jumbotron, and into the lower left corner above those people's heads... The Korean girl was especially beautiful to watch, as well. So it was lots of fun and muchas gracias, milles mercis to Vicky for asking me to go with her! I feel very privileged!!!

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