Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 16 (Saturday Feb 27)

Ethan scored his first goal in hockey today! He was pretty pumped. I was SO sorry to miss it; you have no idea. Everything I have seen and done here has been so worth it, yet I will be ecstatic to get back home to them. This has been a long LONG time to be apart.

I spent a lot of the day packing and tidying up. I didn't have much to do in the athlete's village today, besides hanging out with all my skiers who were unexpectedly clad only in their underwear. These Europeans have no shame. It's pretty hard to discuss logistics for closing ceremonies when you are the only fully clothed person in the room. I took off my jacket and shoes, so I could fit in a little, but I drew the line at removing my pants, thank you.

They were all excited to go see Usher tonight at the Medals Plaza. I didn't have a ticket but I have a spot on the wall opposite the entrance where you can see into the plaza. And of course it's open air, so you can hear the concert all the way back to the cabin anyway! So I stood on my wall for a few songs, then headed home to clean the toilet. Oh, it's glamorous here, let me tell you! Royalty one day, toilets the next.

Tomorrow morning Paco competes in the 50k Cross Country event, as we're racing around checking them out of the accommodation and checking them in for their flights. Then we race them down for the ceremonies and afterwards, relax for a nice dinner out downtown. I'll be up early and to bed late, so off I go to bed now. I have packed Kleenex for tomorrow...

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Cathy said...

The big question is...Did you keep your trash to 1 bag as you planned?