Thursday, February 11, 2010

One day left until Opening!

I thought I was all finished work last night but I got a text just before 11 pm about a potential problem that needed to be fixed before the village to village courier left this morning at 9:30 am. Luckily, it only took until just after midnight to fix it. I still had to make sure everything went ok, so I was up again at 6:45am and got to the athlete's village early. (Is it ok if I start using the VANOC acronym for the athlete's village, WVL - it would make my tired fingers a lot happier!) I was just grabbing tea at the WVL dining hall on my way to the courier desk when I got the text that she'd followed my instructions and all went well! So I was only there about 20 minutes this am.

Next I met up with a fellow assistant to hand over some papers, and then met our third team member. We spent the day planning the logistics behind tomorrow's opening ceremony. It's a lot of this: OK, so athletes A, B & C will be here and will go there at this time. Athlete D and Coach A will be here with Assistant A... and so on and so forth. With any luck, we will get all of our delegation to the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow!

Whistler village photos of the day:

OK I have a headache and the morning will come too soon, I just know it! I doubt I can blog tomorrow, so watch your TVs for the Opening Ceremonies, and remember - cheer for my Andorrans! - T.


Jim said...

I got a message today from my crew scheduler....DDS (my initials) your departure time has been pushed back 1hr but your check in time is the same. Be early at the airport as there is going to be a lot of traffic. HQ, where this crew scheduler sits is in Kelowna.....hmmm.... I will wave to you and your Andorrans from 33000ft.

Have a blast!

Cathy said...

Sam's gearing up for Opening Ceremonies too, he's been saying "Eh. Eh. Eh." All morning!

Carrie Gaskin said...

We are so excited! We'll be cheering for Andora!