Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 5 (Tuesday Feb 16)

Our big disappointment today was that the Men's Super Combined (downhill + slalom) was postponed. It was doubly disappointing because we had tickets, and my two Andorrans were competing today. But they have now rescheduled it for Sunday, so Mike may be able to come back to Whistler and enjoy it anyway!

The reason it was postponed was because of a huge dumping of snow. So we played in the snow today. Ethan got nailed by a snowball - action shot! Mike and his dad built a fort with tunnels in the courtyard. The boys LOVED it!
And then we went to the village and played around a little there, too! This is in front of the CTV broadcast. Can you see whats-her-name's back, behind the boys? We needed a picture in the bobsleigh of course! We were in the village when our girl won Canada's second Gold medal of the games. It was so exciting! Crowds were gathered around outdoor screens all throughout the village, and we were all watching her last run with baited breath. Snowboard Cross is pretty exciting, and we all cheered when she won the Gold! It was a very cool atmosphere.

Tomorrow I think the boys are heading home, so we'll be back to self-portraits and a lot less noise in the cabin. But I know I will miss them desperately once they leave! I have an airport pick up tomorrow,so I'll be heading down to Vancouver for a moment or two before returning to Whistler. Enjoy watching the events on TV!

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Cathy said...

Sounds like you guys managed to have Lots of Fun! I've really enjoyed watching Snowboard Cross too! I was routing for Maelle too! She did a great job!