Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Eight (Sustainability)

Most of today was supposed to be a driving day - we needed to go to Vancouver Athlete's Village and back up to Whistler this evening, although I didn't end up going myself. Which led me to think about the pledge of the Olympics to be Sustainable. I think they have done a lot in the construction of the housing and venues to be ecologically sound. And they are really awesome about sorting the garbage into compost, recycling, and waste. But the amount of transportation that goes into staging a games is huge!

(Incidentally, by the way, it is getting harder and harder to write and talk in English. I am communicating in French and Spanish all day, and I'm starting to think that way. Oh la la...)

There are many more buses on the road in Whistler, and at this point they are not all full by a long shot. But I do think that for the most part they have been necessary to allow regular residents and all us volunteers to get where we need to go since we can't take our cars. And my connections have been fantastic from where I'm staying! And come Friday, there will be a lot more spectators using the services that are currently used primarily by workforce (me!).

But since I've gotten used to walking everywhere here, to get in a car again and drive all the way down to the city seems a waste. But I know that my team is not wastefully driving everywhere, so at least we are doing our part!

And my commitment here at the cabin is that I will not generate more garbage than one white kitchen garbage bag during the month I am here. I have compost bags and recyclables, and so far, in one week, I've maybe filled only a quarter of the kitchen bag. So I'm on track! We'll see what happens when Mike and the boys join me on Friday... hopefully they will follow my lead!

Not much else to report for now. Until tomorrow!


Jen C said...

Everything sounds great T! I'm so proud of you for getting yourself involved and for doing so much!
Love J

Jim said...

I will make sure that I will fly higher and slower than I do just for you. The wrath of my crew will be....well you know...sustainable.lol.