Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 4 (Monday Feb 15)

Most. Awesome. Day. Ever.
Translation of this morning's Andorran conversation:

So Tamsin - can you drive me to Creekside?
Why sure!
Oh by the way here's your upgrade accreditation.
Meet you at the chairlift!
Um, ok!
Here's your seat in the VIP area. Here is your view for the day; is this going to be ok? Yes, I think I am very comfortable; thank you!
Would you mind videotaping our boys when they race?
Sure! It was a very cool day. I was so proud of the boys; they finished 47th and 48th!

Meanwhile, while I was hard at work :) Mike and the boys were celebrating Whistler.

And SOMEBODY is bugging me for more Swedish shots, so here you go, courtesy of Mike. Satisfied? :)


Sanna said...

TACK, Mike! Heja Sverige!
PS. Ethan is dearly missed by his buddy!

Cathy said...

Nice View! I actually got to see one of the Andorrans ski on TV yesterday, I'm sure he couldn't hear me cheering, but I was! Love the one of Boys on Rings. Love that!

Jen C said...

Love the photos and I'm so glad the boys are getting to experience all of the excitement!! We're going to take H dt this w/e. She's very excited anytime anyone from Canada is on screen and we've had to tell her to stop booing everyone else!

Jim said...

I think the Swedes should stick with building IKEA furniture!.....just watching 2 swedish hockey games in Mirabel....gotta rub it in....

Carrie Gaskin said...

What? They actually have hockey in Sweden? :-)

Tamsin said...

Awesome, Carrie, just awesome!!! Let's egg the Swedes on....