Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 8 (Friday Feb 19)

I stayed in bed late today. Throat feeling ok; lots of tea and soothing drinks. Luckily I didn't have much to do today Olympically speaking. Besides watch my boys on the Super G, of course - this time on TV. I am like a nervous mama watching them race! It's nerve-wracking! I can't breathe, I'm sweaty, my hands are shaking...

So far, they have all made it down the hill in one piece. Huge sigh of relief. But I was so angry with CTV who decided to cut to commercial when it was Kevin's turn at the end. Was it fair to televise every single racer but him? I saw all of Roger's race, though! He looked so happy at the end and he really did well. I heard him yell "Go Andorra!" to the cameraman. I MAY have yelled it back to the TV. Witnesses? No? Good.

I can't wait until we see them race again on Sunday. It will be the Super Combined, rescheduled from Tuesday when we had all that snow. The Super Combined is a downhill race in the morning, and a slalom race about 2 hours afterwards. The combined total fastest time wins, so the medallists have to be good at the speed events and the technical events. It's exciting!

I'm so proud of all of them I could just burst!!!

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