Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 11 (Monday Feb 22)

I'm pretty sure I was told not to bring any animal products through security into the athlete's village. So how did these end up in here? Oh wait, they ARE security. You wouldn't believe what a hit these cuties were with all the athletes from all over the world. It was very hard to snap this shot WITHOUT an athlete in the frame.

I took the ripped ski bag to the seamstress today. They had a very expensive pair of skis escape from their bag in transit to Whistler, and the skis completely broke. They want to make sure their skis arrive safely home! We wandered a little bit in behind Nesters, and eventually found her condo. She sews out of her home, and is perhaps the only seamstress in Whistler! While she repaired the seam, she told us stories of the business she's had lately: sewing badges onto the Mounties' red serge uniforms, crests onto Olympic uniforms, and also sewing black armbands for the Georgian delegation in the wake of the luger's death.

What is heartwarming about this story is that although this woman is obviously struggling to make ends meet, she is doing most of this Olympic work for free! She wouldn't take any money for the repair today, although I did make her accept an Andorran Olympic pin. She wanted to volunteer for the games, but couldn't find anyone to watch her young son. So she is giving back to the games in her own small way. I just stumbled upon her name at the drycleaners, and I'm so glad I found her!

Mariana and I completed the repair with upholstery glue to reinforce the seam, and then enclosed it all in an attractive layer of duct tape inside and out. The bag ain't pretty, but if the skis escape again, it will not be through THAT seam, I can promise you!

We also had a little free time to just hang out at the Andorran house. One of the girls was showing us all her 2010 souvenirs she's purchased, one of the boys was jokingly trying to make me do his laundry (I politely declined), and we chatted a bit about favourite places to ski. Apparently I need to go to the Swiss Alps and the Dolomites in Italy, although he's been pretty happy with his time in Whistler!

I googled "Dolomites". Um, yeah - I could hang out there!
Tomorrow's another YVR run I think. I may not get to a computer tomorrow night to post... but I'll try!


Cathy said...

LOVE Canadian Mounties! Mary Carillo did a thing about them, and went to their training camp. Very Cool. Chris told me he wanted to be one of those guys....I think it was the Hat and Horse!

Shanty said...

Re: Dolomites
Ok, Tam this is where Juliet, Derrick and Trev and I were in Italy when we went in 2004 - Cortina. The sky is so blue (we decided it matched Trev's great blue eyes - his sister agreed with me!!) and the mountains so steep. Awesome groomed runs for nothing but speed in the sun. Yeah, a must before 5o years old.