Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Post from Whistler!

Hey all,
I have arrived in Whistler! I was expecting a little more fanfare, but nobody seems to have realized yet that the most awesome volunteer is now in their midst. I went into the village to pick up some bread and milk, and it is all-abuzz. Volunteers everywhere in their snazzy uniforms; decorations and excitement!
I arrived with a ridiculous amount of luggage, all of which was excruciatingly heavy, but made it to the cabin with no real struggle. I have so many ideas of what I want to do until my first shift! I brought books, DVDs, work, exercise gear... and all I've managed to do so far is buy milk and have a cup of tea.
And I have to say - I already find that it's too quiet! I will be happier when the boys come and visit, that's for sure!
I am still waiting to hear when my first shift will be. I am an Assistant to the country of Andorra. Once they check in, I will know more. In the meantime I had better brush up on my French and Spanish! And on another note, my cousin is in labour as we speak. Push, Annwen! Can't wait to meet my new little cous-nephew or niece... I think technically he or she will be a cousin once removed. Best wishes come your way! Tamsin

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Cathy said...

EEeek!!! So Excited for you! (I'm totally living vicariously. I've ALWAYS wanted to do all things Olympics.) And Andorra, that's just Super Cool.