Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 15 (Friday Feb 26)

I don't think my heart is strong enough to watch another hockey game. They won, but oh lordie they made us sweat at the end! Please, Canada, go hard on Sunday for Gold!!!

Today the Andorran assistant based in Vancouver came up to Whistler for a field trip, since he hasn't had much to do during the games. I showed Jefte around Whistler village, and took him to see the Sliding Centre too. Then we watched Mimi and Sofie race (not a great day for Andorran skiers) before heading to WVL.

We met up with Mariana and Erin, and all four of us assistants signed the cards we got for the athletes and coaches. We had a brief meeting with Vicky to discuss how we're going to manage the whole check out / closing ceremonies / departure process. It's just like the logistical nightmare we faced for Opening Ceremonies, only more so as we are getting baggage down to YVR and returning vehicles and cell phones... ay ay ay. I have only two more nights in Whistler, and I have completely mixed emotions about that! I can't wait to get home to Mike and the boys, and to my lovely bed in my lovely house and my lovely life. YET. This experience has been so amazing that I really don't want it to end!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Xoke. Sniff sniff. Then Sunday night the Andorrans are taking us out to dinner and dancing after Closing Ceremonies. I'm going to crash on my brother's couch that night, since we'll be up early again Monday morning to get them all to the airport, and get us assistants back up to Whistler just to check out and catch the 4:00 bus home with all our luggage. Sigh. But Monday I should be home before the kids go to bed!!!

Vicky gave us all more gifts tonight - a pen / wallet / keychain set nicely engraved with Andorra on it. More hugs, more kisses. I have kissed more cheeks this month than ever in my life. So please forgive me if, when I get back to Real Life, I greet you by laying a big smackeroo or two on you. And if I speak in French or Spanish, I apologize in advance, because I seem to be having a hard time with English lately!

Tomorrow I sleep in. Then I clean up and pack up. 2 Whistler sleeps to go!

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We can't wait to see you!