Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 7 (Thursday Feb 18)

I am the luckiest girl on earth. My only "job" today was to wave the Andorran flag frantically while our girl raced in the Super Combined Alpine skiing. Again, we had fantastic seats! It was a beautiful day (my sunburned nose speaks for itself) and I had tons of fun cheering Mimi on. Here's the scoreboard just after she finished: We also got a picture with Olympian Allison Forsyth, who gave us an inspirational speech in one of our training sessions. She tore her ACL in Torino 2006 and had to retire from her illustrious skiing career in 2008. She's very cool!
I also finally watched the Opening Ceremonies that I had recorded last Friday. I haven't had the chance before now! I loved the ceremonies. The singing, dancing, special effects, parade of athletes - all so awesome. My favourite parts were the slam poet (with an inspiring, tear-provoking poem about Canada) and k. d. lang singing Hallelujah. Oh my God she was awesome!

Oh, and um - uh oh? My throat is sore. Nnnnooooo - there are ten days left!!! No sickness allowed!!! I am SO going to bed early and SO sleeping late tomorrow. I had thought I would ski tomorrow but I will have to see how my throat is. I gotta stay healthy!

À demain - bonsoir!


Cathy said...

Very Cool! Stay healthy!

Jen C said...

Just keep repeating to yourself that it's a state of mind, it's only a state of mind. If you say it often enough, you begin to believe your throat isn't sore. That and tea with lemon & honey...